Activity Offerings

Activity Offerings

Each week of family camp is jam-packed with opportunities to try new things, allowing each member of your family to customize their own vacation experience! Many of our talented staff are professionals in their field who are taking a vacation from their daily lives to share their passions with our campers.  We are currently planning our 2021 line-up and will be send this information to campers once we have our summer staff confirmed.

Activities that take place each week:

• Tennis •  Swimming • Guided hikes • Archery • Soccer • Softball • Giant Bubbles • Educational tours of neighboring Footprint Farm • Board games • Afternoon and evening family activities • Camper Samplers: Share your own talents during an hour block in the afternoon! • Campfire • Big Show (end of week talent show) • Quidditch • Brick Oven Pizza Night • Rollicking evening activities for all ages (look for clues throughout the week...curious characters have been known to appear) • Golf outing • Hiking & nature exploration • Men’s Group (adults only) • Women’s Group (adults only) •


Our morning program for children between the ages of 3 and 12 is called Kidville. This time a magical piece of the Common Ground puzzle and provides children a chance to make concrete choices about their daily activities. 3-5 year olds have their own space and specific programming geared towards their healthy and happy development. These include art, messy science experiments, trips to the blueberry patch and plenty of unstructured play time. Each morning the group of 6-11 year olds is offered choices ranging from exciting nature games, sports, art projects or performance arts. The children aren't forced into any particular activity but they do need to choose one of the options. After a healthy snack mid morning they'll get a chance to choose again, so the stakes aren't too high. When there is a critical mass of 11-12 year olds they'll be off on their own doing a more specialized program preparing them for our teen group and exploring some of Vermont's treasures off site. 

Teen Program

Camp Common Ground prides itself on being flexible for the needs of campers of all ages, nowhere is this more true that in our teen program. Young people aged 13-17 will have access to  adult activities each morning before getting together with their peers and leaders for off site adventures, special service projects or youth directed activities. The teen schedule is tailored to meet the needs of participants with youth leaders spending time with the group later in to the evening and program directors relying on the young people to help make evening activities more fun. This is a great way to spend a week making friends, learning skills and practicing what it means to reach consensus. 

Two kids participate in archery at Camp Common Ground.

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